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Welcome to speedseduction.NET. We have been producing and providing Ross Jeffries and Speed Seduction® System products since 1990.

Thanks for dropping by. Think of Seduction as a tool, a teaching device, learning by applying NLP, Ericksonian Covert Hypnosis, Silva Mind Control, Huna, Magick and more. You will be having fun while learning which ultimately assist you in the next step in your life whether it be in love, relationships, sales, business or just the amazing result of getting un-stuck and making your own good luck. So if you want to learn to expand your communications skills, understand motivation, get out of survival mode all while learning: How to pick up beautiful women, how to pick up girls at the mall, how to pick up girls at the gym, how to pick up women in bars, or how to pick up college girls then you have landed in the right place to build a solid foundation.

If you are depressed, angry, hopeless, anxious or stressed or feel your income is blocked, have trouble with trust issues, then learn to have fun and be serious with the opposite sex. All the time feeling your self esteem skyrocket and your mind expanding as you mentally grow knowing that no one can stop you except you.




Ross Jeffries — creator of Speed Seduction®

Thanks so much for coming to my tell-it-like-it-is, politically incorrect Speed Seduction® System website. As you move around the site, you'll discover why my Applied NLP & Erickson Hypnosis products are the absolute best at getting guys from every walk of life, the kind of results they want, with the kind of women they want, quick and easy. You'll realize why even guys who haven't had much success with women before or guys who don't have the looks or social status women normally require are finally enjoying power and choice with women, using my Speed Seduction® System Basic or Deluxe Home Study Course.

In fact , my Speed Seduction® System programs, live workshops and tapes have been training thousands of guys just like you worldwide since 1993 here on the Internet (and even as far back as 1988 with the publication of my original book, "How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed"). So imagine a whole new level of self-respect and success with women and never have to settle for "second best" or "just be friends" AGAIN! Whatever your budget, time, experience or interest, I've got the programs to suit you, the only programs on the net also featured in TV shows like Donahue, Politically Incorrect, Montel Williams, Hard Copy, and in best selling magazines like Rolling Stone (which called my first book, "a quantum leap" beyond all the others), Penthouse and Playboy.

So jump on in and see which products best serve YOUR love life wants and needs (and while you're at it, make sure you listen to my satisfied customers talk about their personal successes in their own words). You can sign up for your free, information packed, 100% no B.S. Speed Seduction® Newsletters. It's all here for you and I'm looking forward to serving you!

All my best,
Ross Jeffries


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Where to Start? That is the question. That depends on your time, interest and budget.Most start with the Basic or Deluxe SS Home Study Course. These products are the time proven foundation established over the past 16 years.

BE AWARE The Difference between this site and the others.

Personal Growth, Self Improvement, and Belief Change are the real bye words here.While the home page presents Speed Seduction by Ross Jeffries, there are many other products; most by SS students who took the technology and combined it with their own expertise. If you are looking for an inexpensive quick fix, then look at the products page. If you are searching for NOW and Long-Term seduction results, then the Deluxe Course is the place to start.

These products apply the technologies of Neuro Linguistic Programing (Applied NLP), Silva Mind Control, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Huna and all are designed to get you laid. Attract the women (girls) you choose today or tonight from creating pick up lines on the fly, to chatting, to real dating; become an expert in capturing and leading the imagination. Our wider range of Applied NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis products are at thegreatermind.com

We understand that true successful change may take support. We also understand that you can purchase a product anywhere; however you choose based on support. Our experienced staff answers the phone from 7AM to 7PM (Central Time GMT-06:00) Monday thru Friday. It is not unusual to get one of us on the weekends and up until 9PM. We know that your seccess leads to our success. So we are there before and after the start.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Look at the pictures. If you see our product pictures anywhere else, you are looking at copies of copies or a used product. BE AWARE - All the courses are the latest, high quality produced from professional masters that are only found here. These were recorded, cleaned and/or enhanced by Straightforward Inc and Lock Media. Anything else may be copies of inferior quality or labeled as New. This is the only place where you can still get audio tape, video tape, CDs, DVDs and professionally bound books.

The vast majority of today's competition offerings are based on this foundation. Here is the best place for you to start.




Here is the Deluxe Speed Seduction System Home Study Course with 5 Special Bonuses (Skills Builder CD, Equalizer CD, Irresistable Arousal DVD, Gold Walkup Diamond DVD, and Fear Into Charisma DVD) having a collective value of $177.75.

Check this out! The Whole Methods And Masters CD Set.
Advertised elsewhere as a $200.00 Value.


All this special Deluxe Course offering is only $179.40


Read and hear an example of the Speed Seduction® System in Spanish, provided by Roberto in Mexico City.

Speed Seduction as featured in the best-selling book The Game by Neil Strauss

10 Reasons Why The Speed Seduction® System Is The Best Success With Women Training on the Planet

1. Can be done by any guy, regardless of his experience, time or budget.

2. Doesn't require good looks or money (I'll show you how to turn simple, stress free and CHEAP coffee meetings into beautiful wild sex!)

3. Forget acting like a Jerk or PUA. (You can be kind, sensitive and STILL get laid!)

4. Teaches you how to direct your language to get women hot & horny and persuasively communicate with folks in all walks of life.

5. Is the ONLY training with detailed, proven, structured confidence building techniques so you can actually USE the other techniques given to get the girls you want.

6. Is the ONLY training boasting thousands of satisfied customers, some of whom tell their stories on this site.

7. Can be used to successfully find ONE special girl or get lots of amazing women!

8. The only training backed solidly by an unconditional 90 day "3 women or you pay nothing" guarantee.

9. The only training that offers consultation and customer support.

10. Can be used by men of ANY age or social status; our satisfied customers range in age from 18 to 72!

Course Comparison  
Our Deluxe Course (See Pictures Above) The Other Deluxe Course
Workbook - Real & Bound WorkBook (PDF DownLoad)
Transcripts - Real & Bound Transcripts (PDF DownLoad)
Ross’s Original Book - Real & Bound Ross’s Original Book (PDF Download)
16 Hours CD’s – (Professional on Disc Printing) Paper Labels
Flash Cards (Professional Deck) None
Intro CD None
Getting Started Book None
Plus 1 – Equalizer CD - $17.95 No
The Above is the Basic Course - $119.40 The Other Price - $329.00
Plus 2 – Irresistible Arousal DVD - $49.95 No
Plus 3 – Gold Walkup Diamond DVD – $29.95 No
Plus 4 – Mastering Pick Up 2 CDs – $25.95 No
Fear Into Charisma DVD – On Disc Printing - $29.95 Yes (All Disc with Paper Labels)
Unstoppable Confidence – 2 CDs - $19.95 Download
Bonus 1 - Threesomes and More 2 CD - $25.95 Yes
Bonus 2 - Mastering On Line Seduction 2 CDs - $25.95 Yes
Bonus 3 – The Next Millennium 1 CD - $15.95 Yes
Bonus 4 – Skills Builders 1 CD - $49.95 Yes
Bonus 1-4 sell for Less Than $120 since creation Bonus 1-4 valued at $200
Course Restricted Discussion Group – No Yes
Unrestricted Participation – Yes No
Total Value of Extras - $273.55 Bonus 1-4 valued at $200
Total Real Value $410.90 Deluxe Value with$200.00? Bonus is $529.00
Deluxe Price is ONLY - $179.40 Deluxe Value with $120.00 Bonus is $459.00
Pay Less and Get MORE a lot more. Save $231.50 Vs $20.00 Deluxe Price is $439
Now with a four easy payment plan call 580 366 5820


Special Privacy Guarantee

Your information is always kept strictly confidential and private. We never share, rent or sell our list, E-V-E-R and all products are always shipped in plain packages with only the company name, Straightforward, as the return address. Your privacy is guaranteed!


Get The Success With Women You've Always Wanted — Follow The Program That Has Helped TENS OF THOUSANDS Of Guys Turn It Around & Enjoy Lasting Sexual Success!

For women, sex is a choice; for men, sex is a chore — sex should be a choice for everyone.

So Look: here's your opportunity to move way ahead of the crowd and be one of the elite few who knows these secrets.

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You can do nothing or move in a new direction. So as you think about it that way, again, the choice yours, Now!

Congratulations if you are reading this and as a thank you, I am going to give you a copy of my Orginial Classic "How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed" with your next order over $50.00. To get yours FREE, you must enter the following code in the Speed Seduction Referral Code Space above. Your code is: 4thebest1.

Tired of Love Taking Its Sweet Time?
Ross Jeffries tells you how to cut to the chase.
Ross Jeffries is a Pick Up King
He claims he can get a woman in bed within 20 minutes of meeting her — and can teach you how to do the same!
This man runs a Get Laid Workshop (Marie Claire May 1996)!
The Sultan of Schwing — Sex Tips That Work!
Rolling Stone March 1998
Pulling a Fast One
Speed Seduction® in FRONT magazine February 2002!
Ross Jeffries and Speed Seduction in popular Dutch Newspaper!

The Daily Show

Sally Jessy Raphael


Jenny Jones

Montel Williams

Jerry Springer


The Speed Seduction® System and Ross Jeffries products offered are under TRADEMARK and COPYRIGHT LICENSE.


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