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Speed Seduction® System Product Catalog


These products aren't just designed to pack your bed with girls, but rather they are guaranteed to pack your bed with girls! That's right, I personally guarantee it. If they weren't able to get you more girls than you could handle, they wouldn't be in this catalog!

 First Initial Recommendations — To Start
 Speed Seduction® Home Study Course                        40% OFF Learn More
 Unstoppable Confidence CDs                                         40% OFF Learn More
 Magick/Psychic Influence Home Study Course            50% OFF Learn More
 Products For Home Study Course Owners
 Secrets of Advanced, Irresistible Arousal DVD             40% OFF Get It Now!
 Gold Walk Up DVD                                                          40% OFF Learn More
 Fear Into Charisma DVD                                                40% OFF Learn More
 Ross's Metaphors, Stories and 1 on 1 CD Series           40% OFF Learn More
 Speed Seduction® Methods And Masters CDs   Learn More
 The Speed Seduction® Skills Builder Series                 40% OFF Learn More
 Beyond Confidence DVDs                                             40% OFF Learn More
 Beliefs about Seduction   Learn More
 Courses For The Advanced Student
 Frame Control and Sexual Themes DVDs                     40% OFF Learn More
 Hyper Responsive DVD Series                                      40% OFF Learn More
 Classic Purchases Good At Any Level
 How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed              40% OFF Learn More
 The Equalizer CD: Go Light Years Beyond Confidence 40% OFF Learn More
 Dave Riker Products
 Speed Seduction® Language and Conversation Course Learn More
 Speed Seduction® Technical Manual Learn More
 Other Stuff
 American Man's Guide to Seducing Oriental Women Learn More
 How to Find, Control and Seduce the Women of Your Dreams Learn More
 Sensual Access Learn More
 The Speed Seduction® Trouble-Shooter Series Learn More
 The Speed Seduction® Trouble-Shooter Series II Learn More
 Love Drops & Tidal Waves Below Me Learn More
 Psalms 5150 Learn More
 The Instant Palm Reader Deck Learn More
 Magical Connections DVDs Learn More
 The Cheap Date Handbook Learn More
 Hard On Learn More
 Secrets of a Marathon Lover Learn More
 Flirting With Magic Learn More

A Message From Ross Jeffries — Chairman of the Broads

Man, I'm excited as hell about what we've jam-packed into this site! We've got some great stuff. Did you know I've got guys flying in from all over the country for this three day workshop in Los Angeles and other cities? Here's your chance to learn what they know, without even having to leave your house!


Listen: before a book, tape, report or other item even gets close to getting in this catalog, I personally put it to the following three tests:

  1. It has to be something that any guy can actually use in the real world to get the results he wants!! In other words... it has to provide a practical solution and it HAS TO REALLY WORK!!
  2. The results it gets you have to be friggin' spectacular!! If, in my judgment, it will only work once in a while or averagely, it doesn't make it on this site!
  3. It has to be something unique and different you won't find anywhere else!! If you can get it in your local bookstore you won't find it in here!!

Okay. Sound good? I sure hope so, because I really go through a ton of stuff that people send me to select the few items that make it in, and they really are dynamite! And, I want you to know that I'm working 24 hours a day to come up with the best information and products in existence to help you in your quest for success with women! If you know or hear of anything really great, please let us know.






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