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Go Light Years Beyond Confidence With The Hottest
Women Without Even Trying...The Ross Jeffries "Equalizer" CD!


Ok all you lazy s.o.b.s who want to have unstoppable power and confidence with women but DON'T want to bother with "homework" like affirmations, visualizations, etc. Your faithful Guru of Gunch, good old Ross, has come up with this brand new, professionally recorded PASSIVE LISTENING audio cd that drops you into a deep trance and automatically re-programs you at a deeply unconscious level while you don't have to do one damn thing.

Now look; personally, I'm all in favor of doing some conscious practice every day of your ideal attitudes with women. But this new cd takes advantage of a very important rule for personal change, which is...

Whatever You Practice In An Altered State Will Be There For You, Automatically, When You Need It In The Real World.

Therefore, rather than relying on you guys to get yourselves in an altered state, this cd does it FOR you. And.. .once you've been lead into trance by my skilled words and soothing voice, I'll build inside your mind an EQUALIZER...a machine that mixes different qualities of FEROCIOUSNESS, THOROUGHNESS, CLARITY AND F U N... .the four exact resources you need to be a virtual sexual whirlwind, effortlessly making the right moves with the women you've always wanted.

This is breakthrough, high-tech stuff, representing my cutting-edge best work in the field of building a new self-image, so grab this cd and start kicking ass today!

(One more thing.. in a further bow to you "technology" buffs, track two of this cd is an exact duplicate of track one, except it's with the sounds of ocean waves. Ha! Stick this on play and listen while your working, driving or even watching TV for even more powerful programming!)







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