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Amazing Beyond Confidence Video Course Reveals The Latest Super-Charged Methods To Kick Start Your Self-Image And Energy And Have You Magnetically Attracting The Hottest Women In Hours!aster the "Lazy Person's Way" to being the BEST they've ever had...



Dear Friend,

Some 7 years ago, I created one of the best products I've ever done, a set of audio tapes called How To Have Unstoppable Confidence With Women that to this day stand the test of time as one of our customers' very favorites.

I knew when I sat down in the studio to start them hat I had created something powerful. And your letters, email, phone calls and personal stories have confirmed that for me time and again.

So I can only try to describe the excitement I feel in introducing a whole new level of life changing confidence technology in these amazing videos.

These videos, which were shot at two separate Magick/Psychic Influence Workshops, take you by the hand, and show you with great ease and clarity:

*The Building The Magical Self Exercise

In this exercise, we show you how to build a self that powerfully manifests your will in every situation. Learn to project an image that just under the surface of people's conscious awareness taps into and successfully stimulates their passion, curiosity, and their innate need to surrender.

*The Famous Clearing Ritual

This involves an application of a simple posture combined with an ancient yogic breathing technique to shed away years of old habits, frustrations, blocked energy and emotions that keep drawing old patterns of behavior to you so that new possibilities and pleasures can flow!

This is the exercise that is taking my Speed Seduction® email list by storm! I am very excited to report that, after doing this exercise, many students tell me that for the very first time, attractive strangers approach THEM and introduce themselves, or, equally commonly, old patterns of behavior that used to be "automatic" now briefly flash into awareness as potential choices…like items on a menu…and that students just laugh as they find themselves doing far more effective things instead!

It's as if this exercise enables you to…

…Detach From Your Limits…And Embrace Your Abilities!

Of course, that's not all. Because included in these videos is

* The Instant Fear Banisher: From Fear Into Ferocious Power In Seconds

Did you ever feel totally prepared for something…ready to win and then...something unexpected came along, or someone pulled a fast one on you, robbing you of your will and discipline…and victory…at the last moment? Well now, you can put a stop to that FOREVER and remain strong and in control no matter what gets throw in your face! This exercise combines some of the most powerful elements for personal change, including energetically charged symbology to create instant and immediate change!

Now, as if that were enough, these dvds also contain a very special bonus section:

Removing Learned Helplessness: 
Destroying The Three Hidden Self-Curses of Life!

In this section of the dvds, I reveal how three very common, yet hidden beliefs act just like curses in fairy-tales to keep you trapped despite your very best efforts to change!

You see, while I don't believe in witches and princes turning to frogs, I do believe in the concept of unconscious curses; thought-forms or mental-constructs which keep people trapped in a limiting identity, set of conditions or life-circumstances, without being bounded in time!

If you've ever tried your best to change something, and always felt as if something were "blocking" you; guess what: these three "deep cover agents of sabotage" exist embedded in the minds of at least 70% of the people in the world. Flush them out forever and replace them with personal power and awareness and choice!

Wouldn't You Like To Truthfully Say:

"My Will Flows Freely Through My Life, Attracting The Best For Myself And All I Touch"???

If the answer to that is a strong "hell yes" then here is your chance to get this amazing 3 DVD set at the special price of just $119.77 by calling Yates right now at 580-366-5820 and ordering your set TODAY! I'm very, VERY proud of the amazing "new direction" of these videos and strongly urge you to GET YOUR SET TODAY!

Beyond Confidence: 3 DVDs or 3 VHS tapes








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