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What Incredible Changes Will You Enjoy From Just Listening To...
Metaphors, Stories and
One-On-One Change Sessions.


Now... Draw On The Wisdom And Power Of My Best Life-Changing Stories, Metaphors Teaching Tales And Change Work Sessions From The Past 4 Years Of Speed Seduction Teaching...

Dear Friend and Speed Seduction Fan,

One of my most favorite parts of teaching Speed Seduction has been the one-on-one change work I do with students... along with the stories and teaching tales I use to knock students off their traditional, stuck ways of thinking and get them moving into real success.

So, when Dr Yates Canipe came to me with a collection of the best stuff from my Workshops since 1998, I was floored! It not only reflected back to me my sheer joy in teaching, but as I listened to the material, I got to relive some of my very best (and funniest) moments and reminded me of the reasons I'm still doing this! So I'm very pleased, proud and thrilled to be presenting you this 10 compact disc set covering everything from walkups to closes and beyond. Below are as many examples (sound bites) as possible in such limited space.

  • How To Tell a Story
  • Boston to New York Train Ride
  • The Sounds You Make & Meaning
  • Models of Reality
  • Doc Dave and the Gym Babes
  • Sincerity when introduced
  • Compulsion for Apples
  • Angry and Resentment
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Greedy Monkey gets His
  • Using Rubber Hands
  • Identity - Who are you
  • Combining emotions and touching
  • Tonality and Self Talk
  • Anything is possible in a circle
  • Top Gun is having fun
  • Flexibility to take what they offer
  • Making Day Dreams Real
  • Fat Freddy Cat
  • Abundance attitude & Belief
  • Santa Claus getting caught
  • Ross's Model for himself
  • Structured Schedules
  • Camping and Going to the Movies
  • Changing past vs. never lost
  • Where going vs. where been
  • Were you yelled at as a kid?
  • Struggling to succeed
  • Phone Metaphor
  • Are you getting caught?
  • Object to being Cocky
  • Christopher Columbus's Map
  • Direct vs. Story Telling
  • Anticipation vs. compulsion
  • Every woman's Best Friend
  • Don't go forward
  • Taking Action
  • Serious about being funny
  • Recognizing Suggestibility
  • More rapport vs. avenger
  • Emotional Tampons
  • Intrigue
  • Context vs. Content
  • Doing vs. Becoming
  • Commanding Self
  • Write thing vs. wrong thing
  • Climbing a mountain
  • Chunking up and Down
  • Two outcomes vs. hanging on a rope
  • Relaxation and Play
  • Curiosity vs. the Bible
  • Trojan Horses
  • Too Big
  • Two Hands and Empathy
  • Approaching Beautiful Women
  • Logical in Advance
  • Capture and Lead Imagination Again
  • How do you know it is true?
  • Kids in Louisiana
  • What comes along first?
  • Doing Unstoppable Confidence Again
  • It Works with Practice
  • Intuition - Can you get it?
  • What are your perceptions?

Please note: because these CDs are from many different LIVE Workshops throughout the years, the sound quality and especially the volume varies from CD to CD! Overall, the quality is pretty damn good, but there are "drops" from time to time and listening will require you to occasionally monitor your listening equipment! You are forearmed now that you're forewarned!)








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