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How To Have Unstoppable
Confidence and Power With Women


Unstoppable Confidence: Audio tapes or CD

This Dynamite New Ross Jeffries Audio Tape Series Will Have The Hottest Women In Your Bed Every Night As You Laugh To Yourself At How Easy It Is!!!

Ok. Here it is.
My crowning achievement.
The tape series I've been working on for a year and a half.
The tape series that will have you radiating the kind of confidence, charm, and power that turns women on...

Just By Walking In The Room!!!!

Look, for years I've been providing private counseling to men, and I charge an arm and a leg for it. But because I'm a greedy bastard and can only see so many clients in a week, I've condensed the best lessons for PERMANENT SEDUCTION SUPER-CHARGING into these six audio soundtracks. 

I sit with you, one on one, and guide you through life-changing exercises that catapult the confident, attractive and successful person inside of you into action; effortless action that just seems to flow naturally from the unlimited source of power you'll feel awaken inside you.

Instant Kick-Ass Confidence,
And All The Right Moves, No Matter What Your Past Has Been

Not only do we (you and I) wire it up so that you'll find yourself naturally making all the right moves, smoothly sailing from one hot, hard bodied, eager to surrender girl to the next, but we also rewire your past so it seems at the deepest levels of your mind that...

You've Always Been That Way!

Listen: these tapes work so great, I want you to see what some of the first lucky guys to use them have to say:

  • Thaddeus Talyor, San Raphael - ...In the past two weeks I've met more women than I've met in the last two years. It's not that I'm more confident, it's that my fear that used to short circuit my brain, when I was talking to attractive women, is no longer there, so that I'm able to be myself, which is a fun, nice, intelligent and interesting person, but I used to hide it well...
  • Mark Konen, Laguna Beach - ...Thanks for the great tapes. Since I started using them, I have met three women I probably wouldn't have said anything to. As a result, I have dates with two...
  • Alex Domnikov, Los Angeles - The tapes were fantastic. Because of the tapes I have met and gone out with two women just last week alone!...Thank you for changing my life!

More About These Tapes:

  • Day One: The Key To Changing Anything You Want, The Power Attitudes For Success With Women, Super-Affirmations To Super-Charge Yourself. (Hey, the power attitudes, BY THEMSELVES, are so incredible that if all you do is listen to this one side, you'll at least triple your success with women!! But do yourself a favor, and listen to the rest of the tapes too!)

  • Day Two: Building A Thunderously Powerful Self Image: Staying Laid Back To Get You Laid Like Crazy

  • Day Three: Automatic Pick-Up And Seduction Programming!

  • Day Four: Cleaning Up Your Past: Changing Your Flub-Ups, Mistakes, and Snafus Into Powerful Guarantees Of Success!

  • Day Five: Wrap Up And Special "On The Prowl" Super-Chargers, Including the World's Best Pick-Up Lines and Approaches

  • Day Six: Special Bonus Side... How To Reach Through Time and Space To Find Your Ideal Dream Lover (my partner begged me not to put this in because he thought we could make big bucks off it by itself as a separate program but I told him where to stick it! Here it is, available to you now, worth your entire investment in and of itself!)
Doesn't that sound good? In fact, it's like having me as...

Your 24-Hour Personal Get Laid Consultant!!!

So look: As you think about having the tapes, and all the amazing success and power with women you'll enjoy, won't it be nice after you've ordered your set? Then you can sit back, relax, sigh that deep sigh, and think, "At last I'm on my way to kicking ass with women!"







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