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Who Else Wants To Experience The Sex-Drive, Energy and Stamina of A Teenage Athlete With...
The Biochemical Guide To Better Sex And Turning Back The Aging Clock!!


Did you know that lots of things can effect your sexual potency and performance that you might not even be aware of? Mental, physical and sexual energy go hand in hand, and unless you want to wind up using your hand, you'd better get this information-packed, practical guide to keeping yourself in a condition of maximum health, energy and sexual stamina.

Learn all about:

  • Brain Power Boosters - Ten, simple, cheap over the counter supplements to dramatically increase your access to desired mental states of passion and sexuality, exponentially enhancing intercourse
  • The Hard On Formula - Three, very cheap, very easy to get supplements to provide rock-hard erections. These should cost you less than $3.99 a day! I've personally used this and had my dingus stay hard AFTER ejaculation for up to 15 minutes!!!!
  • How To Lower Your Blood Pressure And Cholesterol 100 Points Each In Six Weeks Eating Cheeseburgers And A High Fat Diet! - A strong heart and unblocked circulatory system are essential to great sex! Here's how to unplug your pipes so you can unload your pipe...as often as you want!
  • Stress Reduction For Better Sex - A stressed-out, fatigued body can't perform at optimum levels required for good sex! The author presents four safe, proven, cheap stress-busters that calm the mind as well as the body! This could be crucial for you students who are juggling multiple women plus a demanding career!

All this in a brilliant little booklet worth many times its weight in gold! I've personally used lots of the recommendations and they have worked for me rapidly!








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