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Expect More, Accept Less and Learn...

How To Be the Jerk Women Love
From FJ Shark


Are you tired of being the guy women get around to when nothing else is going on? Would you like to turn things around and enjoy priority and respect instead?

If you've answered "yes" to these questions, then this dynamite 4 tape audio series by F.J. Shark may well be the best single product for you in this catalog. I"ve always understood that you can't let women get away with shit, but Shark explains the how and why of it ways that even opened up my eyes to things I never realized. You'll learn:

  • Why putting a smile on your face first will make you much more attractive in her eyes (Make it clear you you come first, and she'll follow your lead and put you first!).
  • The two keys used by jerks to enter a woman's mind and make a lasting impression.
  • How to shape her behavior by letting her know, right from the start, that you expect the best from her.
  • Six mistakes nice guys make in relationships, and how to avoid them
  • Creating roller-coaster, emotional highs for her, so she gets adicted to you like a drug.
  • The three most powerful influences of jerks.
  • How to create value in her mind by putting a high price on your time, energy and attention.
  • Knowing the proper time to praise and show appreciation (Done at the right time, the right way, it's profoundly powerful. Done the wrong way and you wind up her "buddy"!).







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