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Sensual Access


Meet All The Girls You Want And Never
Leave Home, Using...

Is there no limit to what men will do to get laid? Apparently not, and the author of this ingenious little manual proves that point by showing you how to get your weenie wetter than a frog in a pond, using the latest high-tech seduction tool, the on-line computer bulletin board. (Did you know that personal computers are beginning to saturate homes, and are almost as common and popular as VCR's and CD players?) If you're a little on the shy side, already enjoying the "non-electronic" ways of playing the personals to meet women, or just want to tap into the pool of millions of lonely, horny women out there in bulletin board land, then this manual is for you. Learn:

  • How to browse a woman's "online profile" so you can learn her exact sexual wants and desires and them compose a "pitch" that makes you irresistable!!
  • Whale watching: how to avoid the fatties and the pigs and zero in on all the foxes!!
  • How to expoit "live groupchat" so you can make your pitch to large numbers of women at the same time
  • How to compose your own "on-line profile" that in reality is a "seduction time bomb" loaded with hypnotic language patterns, that get her hot and horny just reading it!!!
  • As a final note, the author of this manual, Lew Payne, is a student of my "Speed Seduction" methods, and he shows you how to use computer bulletin boards as an incredible training tool that gives you time to compose and perfect your hypnotic/seduction language patterns, before going out and trying them on a woman live!

HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION, particularly if you're a student of my new "Speed Seduction" methods!!!







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