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The American Man's Guide to Seducing Oriental Women

Ah, so GI. You like make ficky, ficky with sexy Oriental girl? Well now you can...


Ok. Please don't write in to tell me that I'm a racist as well as a sexist. Personally, I'm an equal opportinity sleaze bag; I'll bang any girl, regardless of her race, ethnic background, or national origin. But if you have a desire for Oriental women then this book tells you in black and white exactly what you need to do to get all the yellow and pink you can handle. (By the way, this book focuses on seducing Oriental women that are immigrants to this country, NOT Asian-American native born citizens. The psychology truly is different as the immigrants have a different culture).

The author, "Iron Rod" Russell pulls out all the stops as he tells you how to build you own harem of willing, docile, obedient Oriental chicks. Topics include:

  • Why Oriental women: the joys of being treated like a King or a god.
  • The sexual habits of the Oriental girl: how to please her, and how she pleases you!
  • The 9 can't miss approaches for picking up Oriental women that they gobble up like candy (or fortune cookies!).
  • How to talk dirty to her in her native tongue, including pick-up lines in the most common Oriental languages, complete with pronounciation guides!
  • How to use double talk minutes before jumping her bones, to totally destroy any resistance to your having your way!
  • How to use your vastly superior knowledge of American culture to appear as god-like superman in her eyes, who she is compelled to obey, serve and satisfy!! (Ha! Try that with an American girl!)

And much, much more in what could be the most offensive book we will ever publish. Get your copy now before someone tries to sue the chop-suey out of us and we have to stop carrying it!!!








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