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How to Find, Control and Seduce the Women of Your Dreams


Ok: let me ask you a question that may seem off the wall: Do you believe in astrology? Well, I sure don't... in fact, I think it's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever encountered.

However, the author of this book is a professional psychic and astrologer, and he shows you how to use that knowledge to build, manipulate and control a virtual harem of women that will have your friends staring in pop-eyed envy and begging you to share!!

Listen: if I just said I don't believe in astrology, then how can I recommend this book, which divides women up by their zodiac signs, tells you exactly how to rivet their attention, please them like no other man can, and beat them at every game they'll try? Simple: while I think that "zodiac" stuff is crap, the 12 different personality types of women that the author describes are dead on accurate (you'll recognize plenty of ex-girlfriends; I know I did), and the advice he gives on how to wrap them around your horny little finger is not just brilliant IT'S FUCKING BRILLIANT!!! In summary, this book is a perfect guide to the behavioral approach to creating states of wanton desire, lust, and obedience in women, versus my own approach of using hypnotic and suggestive language to get the same result. Hey, when it comes to getting laid, use everything and anything that works!! Learn:

  • What types of activities and approaches turn her on!
  • What she doesn't want you to know (exploiting her hidden weaknesses!)
  • How to fully bring out her ultimate in sexual desire and performance, and awaken and fulfill her sexually as no man ever has!
  • What she does want you to know (how to exploit what she takes pride in and her vanity)
  • How to piss her off and get rid of her when you want to make room for some "freah meat" in your harem!

A highly recommended book IF and ONLY IF you've got an open mind and are willing to pull out all the stops!!!







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